What Men Find Irresistible

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You might think about breast size or other physical attribute as being what men find irresistible. However, physical attributes may play an important part when first meeting but are less important longer term. When you first meet a person, everyone makes a quick evaluation of that person in just seconds or tenths of a second. And that is possible people to have a romantic relationship with, or business dealings or any other aspect of life.

The bigger question is how you can maintain being irresistible over the longer term. Here are some suggestions.

1) Don’t overreact and be too emotional  – Would you rather be around someone who is upbeat and fun or someone who is down in the dumps and moody? Many women overreact if a guy is not thoughtful or not paying enough attention to them. But if you worry that he no longer likes you, you can actually cause that to happen. Some guys can be complete jerks and you don’t want to be with them anyway.

But assuming that is not the case and he was being a bit dense, how do you want to respond? Are you going to try to convince him to love you? Not likely. Are you going to try and change his behavior? A recipe for disaster. Same with trying to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Men don’t want the drama. They are looking for someone who will stay upbeat and fun and relaxed even in the tough times. So keep a sense of humor even if he is wrong and the relationship will stay a lot stronger.

2) How Youthful Are You? – Not in terms of years but in terms of spirit. There are women in their twenties who carry the weight of the world on them and seem far older. Then there are older women who have that sense of freshness and energy that kids have. Your energy and positive spirit can make a much larger difference than physical attributes.

3) Body Language vs. Verbal Language – Communication in relationships consists of body language, voice tone and actual words.  Body language counts for 54% according to psychologists,  voice tone 39% and the words used only 7%.

So don’t worry about what to say, worry about how to act and how to hold yourself and think about the tone of your voice. A smile is important and says you are approachable and receptive. Think about how you react to people who aren’t smiling? They react the same way to you. It puts up a wall.

Men respond strongly to body language, so watch yourself in the mirror and also spend some time observing other people.

4) Are you over emotional?  Men react to positive emotions and tend to avoid negative emotions. If things are not going right, negative emotions will make matters worse. Men will avoid women who are emotional and look to end the relationship or become distant. With positive emotions, you can turn the situation around completely even though this may be the last thing you feel like doing.

We will hit some more another day. Hopefully this has been helpful.…