Stop Getting Played

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“Is it something with me?” “I can’t seem to attract the right guys” “None of the guys I’ve met finds me interesting enough to be with”.  Any lady girl (who wants to stop being a girl these days?) living in the 21st century has most likely heard those statements or even told them to someone else themselves. There are women who’re frustrated with not being able to find the right kind of guys who’re interested enough to commit to a long-term “live happily ever after” kind of relationship. If you’re in this category, then you’re reading the right article. We’ll discuss a few things you can start doing right away to find happiness and maybe a nice lovely relationship with the guy of your dreams.

Stop Getting Played

Decide what you want– Here’s where it all starts. When you don’t know what you want, you can’t ask for it. You then have no choice but to settle for whatever comes along. Figure out what your relationship needs are. Do you plan to settle down soon? Would your ideal relationship be intended towards marriage? Or are you comfortable with just a Friends with Benefits arrangement? Determine what you want in line with your personality and values. When you’ve decided on what you’re looking for, then don’t settle for less. Keep looking until you find what suits you.

Get a life- A significant portion of contemporary female folk still view themselves through the lens of their romantic or sexual relationships. They hinge their reputation and sense of self-esteem on how rich or influential their boyfriend/husband (or potential boyfriend/husband) is. This is wrong. Develop a life of your own. Work harder at your job, build your career, and grow a business. Be self-dependent. A rich, healthy and successful woman is far sexier than a gorgeous hottie whose only assets are her curves.

Drop the attitude- The harlequin novels you read in high school may have taught you that being coy and playing hard to get is the best way to get men to want you. Sorry sweetie, nothing could be further from the truth. While you shouldn’t sell yourself cheap or appear too eager to jump into bed. You shouldn’t also keep a guy waiting unnecessarily. If he’s asking you out and you like him, let him know. Life is short and really intelligent guys know this. They won’t wait around forever, so why not just drop the attitude and be true to your feelings.

Be detached- “Desire is suffering” This is a saying that has been attributed to the Buddhist view on sex, but it’s quite applicable to this discussion. When you want something too desperately, you begin to believe that your happiness depends on it. You get sad when you don’t have it. Detachment is the perfect panacea for a situation like this. If there’s a guy you like or a relationship you dream of having. Convince yourself that you will be fine if you don’t have it. The point here is not to start hating the things you love. Rather it’s to be content in spite of not having them and be grateful just in case you find them.…

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You

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Well, this can be very easy to tell sometimes. Other times, its a bit harder. If he brings you flowers and rents a limousine to take you out to dinner or clubbing, it is a pretty good bet that he likes you. Then again he may just be rich and that is the way he rolls. Probably not though.

It also depends on his and your age. If you are still in your teens, it can be harder to tell. He might be obnoxious to you because he is nervous and hasn’t learned how convey his emotions. Hopefully if he is teasing, he does it in a good natured way. This is a positive sign. If he does it in a meaner way, he may just be a bit clueless and not understanding how he comes across. Or, he could just be a jerk. Try teasing him back, but do it in a nice way to start. If he doesn’t change and get nicer after a bit, just ignore him. If he really likes you, he might decide to change his behavior. If you just simply don’t like him, ignore him. It doesn’t matter what he feels for you, your feelings are most important.

How to Prevent Repelling Men

Before getting into how to tell if a man likes you, you need to work on yourself. Internally, not your physical exterior looks. You need to have confidence and think well of yourself. If you have self-doubt and a poor self image, you will probably turn off nice guys who would be attracted to you and also attract the wrong type of guy.

A lot of what guys do is subconscious and they probably don’t even realize they are doing these things.

Signs to Look For

Does he show up more frequently or call more often. If you work together or he lives in the same complex, does he seem to go out of his way to be where you are going to be? And when he is around you does he try to get more physically close? He may also subconsciously mimic your gestures.

Have you noticed that some guys like to show off and brag? Others are a bit more subtle about it, but if they like you, they will attempt to impress you. Sometimes, even though well-intentioned, this can flat or be a turn off. Guys can be dumb sometimes. He may also “strut” more, standing straighter and shoulders back and chest out.

Body language also can be seen by his leaning in towards you than most people would. If he is not facing you and is distracted, he probably isn’t too interested.

Laughter – He will smile more than usual and try to make you laugh. Plus, you will think you are suddenly wittier than usual because he will laugh at all your jokes.

Paying attention – He will listen intently to what you have to say and pay attention and enjoy conversing with you. If he is shy, he may have a bit of problem making conversation at first.

Eye contact – Guys who like you will keep looking at you. If they are shy, they will look away when you notice them looking. But, if they like you, they will be looking your way again very soon. Some guys who stare are just creepy. That is not what we are talking about here. If it is not creepy, take it as a compliment that they can’t stop looking at you.

Touch – Guys who like you will find reasons for playful physical contact.

Nervous or awkward? – Does he get a bit flustered or tongue tied at times? Or act awkward? He may be wanting to make a great impression but is nervous and this is making it harder for him to make conversation.

These are some telltale signs. Hope that helps.…

How to Know if You Like Someone

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What Steps Can You Take to Find Out if You Really Like Someone?

Generally liking someone is different from being sexually attracted to them. The first thing to do is to spend time with the person and get to know them. Not on dates (you can do that too) but more day to day stuff and some fun activities. You want to see how they react when things are going well and also not so well. Do they give others credit when things go well or do they take the credit, brag and are happy winning at other peoples expense? If things aren’t going well, do they whine or do they figure out how to fix things and move forward.

Why is Someone Attractive?

Sure, some people are physically attractive and it is natural to be attracted to them. They may be nice and they may be awful.  People can also impress with their intelligence. Is that all you are attracted to or is there something else inside them that attracts you as well?

Do You Think of the Person Often?

It is a good sign if you think about the other person multiple times throughout the day. Obviously they should be happy thoughts and they shouldn’t just be sexual thoughts.

Do You Laugh at Their Jokes?

Granted, some jokes need more of an eye roll, but if you like someone, you tend to laugh at things they say even if they aren’t super funny. It shows appreciation and connection. Don’t fake it though. People can tell a fake laugh a mile away. If you are forcing it, something is wrong.

Repeating Conversations

If you find yourself telling a number of other people about conversations you have had with someone, it is an indication you found the conversation important and that you value and like the person.


If you plan where you are going to be so that you are more likely to bump into someone, you probably like them. Kind of obvious point, but there it is.


If you get butterflies when you are around someone, it is pretty obvious that you like them.


Does light accidental touch send shivers through you? One more sign you really like someone.


If you are doing something you really like and you are still thinking about the other person, you definitely like them. Time for the next step and ask them out.…