Pheromones and Sexual Attraction

Have you ever wondered how your body reacts when attracted to someone? The science of attraction among members of the same species remains sketchy. However, reasonable facts have been found to exist in inter-relationships between members of various species.

A pheromone is a chemical substance which is released by animals.  This substance is believed to have a direct relation to the behavior of members of the same species. Current researchers don’t have a conclusive study yet on the existence of human sexual pheromones. However, different odors have shown to create a response in males and females.

In a study, a group of ladies watched a sad movie that led them to tear up. The researcher collected the tears and placed them under male noses. Men recorded a reduction in sexual attraction and testosterone levels. This study shows the effect pheromones in tears could have to sexual attraction of male counterparts.

In another study, females sampled the smells of different male t-shirts. Some women preferred men whose DNA was different from theirs. It explains the relationship between various male scents to preferences made by females. While not much information about pheromones exists, studies have shown that odor and body fluids could be harboring a significant amount of pheromones.

Many men and women search for pheromone products to enhance the attraction by the other sex. These products, however, do not work as efficiently because pheromones are naturally present in the body.

While we may depend on pheromones for the chemistry of attraction, many other factors come into play.

Physical Appearance

It is the first impression created when meeting someone. It is important to maintain body hygiene practices and dress appropriately according to individual taste and preference. Taking time to groom oneself increases chances of attraction. Certain physical attributes like height, can also act as an added advantage that increases attraction in individuals.

Although pheromones related to sexual attraction are unclear, males and females will only attract each other depending on their individual genetic composition. In this context, compatible partners give birth to children with mixed genes. It is the reason why siblings do not attract each other.


Outgoing, social and confident people attract more compared to other individuals. Having charisma and a sense of humor have also been stated as desirable qualities in individuals. Personality traits play a great role in attracting both men and women.

Bottom Line

Pheromones and have been proven to cause sexual attraction many different species. In humans, this interaction is not as clear although instances like breastfeeding and body odor have been proven to influence attraction. Other factors such as personal preferences, social status, and wealth also come in play when it comes to attraction.